Usually, we go to Calabash and eat at the same restaurant. This year we decided to mix it up, and try a new restaurant... it was awesome! The Boundary House at Callahan's is where we went to eat. Thomas and I shared the potato soup and then I had chicken, bacon, and cheese quesadillas with fries. Thomas had a burger. It was a neat atmosphere! Loved it! The Miller's (Berry and Monica) went with us to dinner. It was good to get to see them and catch up on how things were going with Justin and Jordan. Both the boys are getting married this year, Justin in October and Jordan in November.

I watched the craziest show on discovery health last night, quads with 2 moms. Interesting, look it up sometime.

I think we're going to go back to Calabash tomorrow to go shopping at St. Nick's and then maybe to Silver Coast Winery on Friday. We went last year and loved it so we'll probably go again. I'll make sure to put pictures up if we go!