Messed Up

Do you ever have something happen to you that causes you to be completely distracted from all you need to be focused on? Well... I've had that going on for the past few days now, weeks really. I feel like I have no direction, I'm getting my MDiv but I don't know what I'm called to, it was just clear to me that God wanted me to get my MDiv so I could be prepared for whatever ministry he led me to. Sometimes I wonder if Children's Ministry is all I'm supposed to do, or is there something more? Not that I don't love the children, I do, but there are other things that I thought God has given me as strengths that I don't get to use now.

I have so much work for school, and I can't get motivated to do it. I might be going through a blue time, who knows. I definitely had those in college, but things have been said and have happened that could be a good cause of being down, so I don't know whether I'm just reacting to what's going on in life or if I should go see someone about this. Who knows.

I want to go back to high school... ha- good luck with that though.