I'm hoping to be more active with my blog as graduation approaches. We'll see how well I update it before I really start putting it out there again (i.e. sharing posts via twitter and facebook).

I enjoyed using The Cutest Blog on the Block to customize my blog. It was simple and quick! As well, I don't know much about it, but I have a free software I use from time to time called Photoscape that is pretty nifty! I plan to try to watch some of their tutorials again so that I can get back into editing photos (need to take more).

We've been toying around with what computing will be like for us in the next few years. Possibly getting a desktop and two netbooks, possibly getting two laptops and a docking station. We'll see what happens. But, for the first time ever Mac has made it into the running for our computing possibilities. That would be a big change, but if we're going to make it we should do it before we get too old and set in our ways.