Health Care

So, I am the first to admit I do not read. I do not know a lot of what goes on around the world because I often do not read the news. However, I have recently seen the persons I am friends with and follow through social media make uneducated or simply inappropriate comments on health care.

I say these comments I have seen are inappropriate because they make claims that are untrue or are focused on the law makers and not the bill. I understand that our government officials are far from perfect, they are after all human like us, however I prefer to focus on the good that is coming, and I believe will come from this stepping stone for health care. I call it a stepping stone because I think much reform will continue to occur based off of this bill.

Just this once, I am going to read. I encourage you to do the same if you haven't because I believe it will help us all to know what is in the health care bill and how it will help those in our communities and maybe even us. A good starting place for reading on the bill is the White House's website.