The News is Out

Yesterday morning, Thomas and I shared with the congregation at Eastside Baptist that I was offered the Minister of Students position at St. Andrews Baptist in Columbia. Next Sunday, we will attend SABC as their congregation votes to affirm the personnel committee's choice of me as their new MoS.

As we shared with the congregation our news, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I am completely and utterly ecstatic about going to St. Andrews and beginning my ministry there. However, we still have strong ties to Eastside. The children, youth, and their families have become like our own family.
For some reason, sharing the news with them yesterday made me flash back to the night before I moved to Raleigh the summer of 2003. On that evening, my best friend Leigh came over and gave me one last goodbye gift, which included a throw I still have, some Slim Jim's (my guilty pleasure) and a card. We sat there on my bed hugging each other and crying. I knew going to State was what I needed and wanted to do, and Leigh knew it was what was best for me, but it did not make our parting any easier. However, 7 years later, we are still friends, still keep in touch, and love each other just as much as we did back in 2003 (if not even a little more).
It is my prayer that my family at Eastside will know this: although I am following where I know God is leading, that does not mean I am leaving their lives, just their zip code. I plan to remain friends with those that choose to stay connected. I love each and every one of you and know that God has used you to bless me in the past three years.