Ministering at St. Andrews

As you can see, it has been months since my last update.  I’m trying out a new program called Winds Live Writer.  We’ll see if this encourages me to blog more than normal. I am loving my position as Minister of Students at St. Andrews Baptist here in Columbia.  In addition to my role with students, I have been visiting hospitals, attending meetings for personnel and interim pastor search, and much more.  The thing is, I love it all!  I serve with a wonderful group of ministers who truly function as a team.  Currently, we are a team of four: Sharon King serves as Minister of Congregational Life, Fred DeFoor serves as Minister of Music, and Sharon Simpson serves as Minister of Childhood Education.  The latter will be retiring at the end of the year.  I am excited for what this means for her family and personal life, but am sad because of what it means for the relationship that was just beginning between us as co-laborers.

As Minister of Students I am responsible for ministry for students 7th grade through college.  I am enjoying getting to know the youth but am struggling to connect with college students.  Please be in prayer for opportunities to meet new students, to connect with “homegrown” college students, and to build up the few students we have contact with currently.