Cricut Sale

Okay scrapbook and teaching friends, listen up.  Don't have a Cricut? On Black Friday, before noon, you can get verison one (6"x12" mat) for $70 at Michael's (a $130 savings). 

Then the whole weekend, you can get the Gypsy which is the awesome, design on the go handheld device that attaches to your Cricut.  You can buy it the whole Thanksgiving Weekend for $100 (a $100) savings. 

Here's the kicker... if you buy the Gypsy and register it before December 31st, you get FIVE free cartridges loaded to it.  (Which at their best sale price ever, would be about $100 worth of extra merchandise). 

So, if you've ever seen my Cricut and thought, I want one... the weekend after Thanksgiving is the weekend to get it!  If you’re wondering how I know what Michael’s is doing on Black Friday already, visit to learn more.