Kid's Corner

I am in the beginning stages of creating a "Kid's Corner" in my new office at Faith.  I started by using old items I had around the house to make a pillow.

The pillow is made from:

  • T-Shirt (Brown, Rooted from Caswell a few years ago)
  • Tank (White for eyes)
  • Stained pillow (stuffing and buttons for pupils)
  • Too small long sleeved shirt (blue print)
  • Shirt Bella chewed (light brown fabric)

I did not use a tutorial to make the pillow. I just found the applique here, printed it on freezer paper, and applied it using this technique. However, I left the paper inside.

There were already so puzzles and coloring supplies, so I just brought a basket from home and thus we have the start of my "Kid's Corner".  As I add items, I'll update you.