What is "Songs of my Faith"?

In May of 2010, I was driving by myself from Columbia to Raleigh.  For some reason, Thomas had stayed home and could not talk on the phone while I was driving.  So, I decided to flip through some old CD's in my car and pop one in. The CD's were dated for sure.  But with each one, there came a flood of memories.  Many of the songs brought back times in my life when my faith was much different from what it is today, but times that the music had shaped me or spoken to how I was feeling then.

I thought to myself "If I ever actively blog, I want to do a series on these songs.  I want to share about music that has traveled with me on my journey of faith." And so, tomorrow, the series will begin.  Most Fridays I will share a "Song of my Faith" (SomF) and how it played a role in my life and maybe some thoughts on it now.  My hope, is that many people will be able to walk this memory lane with me and share how these songs traveled with them also.

Warning: Many "old school" contemporary Christian songs ahead!